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Alzheimer’s Day Care at Night guide to establishing Evening-Daycare. Promoting the establishment of new programs. Carers often experience chronic sleep deprivation. At the onset of nighttime. The demons of anxiety, anger, fear, hallucinations and paranoia come out. Night time can be unpredictable, up and down cycles. A DCN provides a place where Alzheimer’s DayCare-at-Night programs offer activities to those who need supervised care. Those enrolled can enjoy daycare activities offered in evenings or over night..https://alzdaycareatnight.wordpress.com

Alzheimer’s Cafes Worldwide
Cafes come by a number of names, Memory Cafes, Alzheimer’s Cafes, Dementia Cafes. In the UK many have been in existence for several years. Currently the concept is gaining momentum and hundreds of memory cafes sprouting up everywhere. The concept is to provide a social occasion, a meetup, for anyone with dementia / Alzheimer’s, their care givers and family. They are informal and generally free. Activities vary. Support and funding depends on the host-provider and contributions. google for “Ish’s, Ishmael’s, Knowledge Network blogs, web sites, groups”

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