Push a Button, summon local help or dial a number


Watch Call Button For Emergency Calls For Seniors/Elderly, Those Living Alone

You can now call for help with a wireless emergency panic button built into a real working watch.


entry-level Wireless Nurse Call System is great for your smaller facility of 2-20 residents.

Visonic Technologies

Alert Notification Options that automatically delivers the correct patient call,

24hrs-a-day to the right medical responder no matter where the caregiver happens to be.

WithoutBoundaries Storefront system comes with two Caregiver Call Buttons and one Caregiver Pager with 300 ft. range.

Pager has an audible alarm, and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt A call button may be mounted on the headboard of a bed or worn as a pendant around the neck — or even attached to the wall in the bathroom. The Pager/Receiver has two alert settings

healthandcare.co.uk Wireless PIR With Pager & Help Call Buttons

The RCG-04 is a simple to use kit comprising of 2 x call button transmitters with neck-cord attachment, 1 x caregiver alarm pager and 1 x battery operated PIR. A press of the call button will raise an alarm to the pager with an operating range in excess of 100 Metres. The battery powered PIR with on/off switch and wall fixing bracket provides a quick and reliable method of detecting a person leaving their bed (fixed at low level aiming up the side of a bed) or approaching a door to leave the building. The PIR can be switched on at night when going to bed, should a person walk into the detection beam the pager will respond.

Verizon V400AM-1 features easy to read display, for the visually impaired, and enhanced acoustics for the hearing impaired. The V400AM-1 offers piece of mind with one touch dialing, available for programming emergency numbers on the base and handset.

BIG RED Emergency Button big_red_stick_bat.gif (16706 bytes) place BIG RED button  in the rooms you most frequent. In an emergency, push the BIG RED button, holding it down for 4 seconds. It will send a RF (radio frequency) signal to the main console, which will trigger an alarm — the lights flash, the siren sounds, and it calls ORCA’s monitoring station for emergency help (if you have an Monitored system). All BIG REDs are wireless, battery operated, and mountable to almost any surface. . Requires any X10 Security Transceiver – Sold with transceivers or base stations included in security kits like Protector plus (DS7000)

Guardian Alert 911 Talk directly to a 911 emergency operator at the push of a button.

DesignTech’s Guardian Alert 911™ requires no monthly subscription or service fee. Guardian Alert 911 works just like a cordless phone on any standard phone line with 911 service and tone dialing. Guardian Alert 911 can be comfortably worn around the neck, clipped on a belt, or carried in a pocket at all times. Great for babysitters, woodworkers, diabetics, singles and senior citizens. The Battery Backup should be considered for this device so that it will operate during a power outage. No monthly fees


provides onsite wireless paging software systems for on-premise paging

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