Motion/People Sensors | transmitting to wireless receivers and pagers

  • Wireless Infrared Pager Alarm Product # WP1261Great for out-of-room monitoring. Motion sensor detects movement and activates the wireless pager to inform the caregiver once the alarm has been activated. can be set to off, chime, The infrared motion detector in the room with the patient will be silent, The receiver (pager) can be set to low or high volume with a range of up to 100 feet depending on the building layout. Pager/receiver is compact so it can be hung from a waistband or carried in a pocket. Sensor can be placed next to the bed, above door, next to stairway or just about anywhere. As soon as a hand, foot, or head crosses through the invisible beam, the alarm triggers.
  • Dakota Alert WR3000The WR-3000 is the receiver for the WRH-3000 system. The WR-3000 plugs in to a standard wall outlet and can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall. When the receiver gets a signal from the transmitter, one of 4 different tones (Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, Whistle) will sound for a few seconds. There is also a volume control so you can set the sound to the desired level. The receiver is also equipped with 4 form “C” relays (one for each zone) and one J 2 VDC output terminal that will activate for several seconds when a signal is received. The receiver can be user programmed so the 12VDC terminal and one relay will activate for 1 to 10 minutes if this is desired. The tones will still sound for several seconds.
  • Dakota Alert Manufacturer No: PR3000.WPR3000 Pager will receive a signal from any of the Dakota Transmitters. Clip the pager/receiver on your belt or carry it in your pocket. Choose from audible alarm or vibrating paging. The rechargeable battery and battery charger are included.
  • Dakota Alert WMA3000 This system is the ultimate in PIR wireless systems, with an incredible range of 600′. it will send a wireless signal back to the receiver, which will then emit a pleasant chime sound, The transmitter uses a passive infrared (PIR) beam to detect out to about 80 feet then send a radio signal back to the WR-3000 receiver up to 600 feet away*. The transmitter is weatherproof. Up to 4 zones can be monitored with additional transmitters. The transmitters can be programmed so they will each sound a different tone at the receiver. Receiver: The Dakota WR3000 is the Receiver for this system. It includes an on/off switch, volume control, and four different chime sounds to choose from.
  • Model Number: DKIR3000 Manufacturer: Dakota Alert IR3000The Dakota Alert WIR3000 indoor PIR motion detector is compatible with all transmitters and receivers in the Dakota 3000 Series. The passive infrared detector is able to monitor an area up to 100 degrees wide. This can be narrowed down to 20 degrees from right to left, up to 80 degrees, and up and down up to 50 degrees. There are also three different sensitivity settings, allowing detection of a person up to 12, 25 or 40 feet away.
  • DKIR3000 Dakota Alert The Dakota Alert WIR3000 indoor PIR motion detector is compatible with all transmitters and receivers in the Dakota 3000 Series, and also has a range of up to 600’*.
  • 900 MHz transmitting braceletssends continuous signals to Trusty Bip and can be worn by a patient without hassle. When he leaves TRUSTY BIP’s operating range, or the place where he is supposed to be (home, hospital etc) the signal is no longer received, and the patient’s name is displayed on the display, along with his position and any additional information which can be user configured. At this point, personnel or family members can promptly intervene in the patient’s rescue. The “Patient Locator” feature allows to locate the exact position of the person under surveillance, and along with the “Call Waiting” function, which can manage more alerts at the same time, and a historical record, allows you to have a full history of your patient’s whereabouts.Transmitting bracelet on wrist How it works The transmitting bracelet (which can be worn around wrist or ankle, and locked to avoid loss) sends a signal every 10 seconds. If this signal is not received for at least 3 minutes, Trusty Bip’s alarm will go off.
  • Spy cell phone, bugging device, digital micro recorder, shotgun microphone, voice changers, spy cameras, photo cameras,
  • Wireless Wander Alarm monitors the movement of Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. system has two components: a motion detector and a wireless remote alarm. Place the motion detector near the doorway (mounting tape supplied) and turn it on. When someone wanders within 15′ of the detector, a signal is sent to the alarm. The alarm sounds, alerting caregiver The transmitter doesn’t sound, eliminating the risk of resident becoming agitated. Select one of three alarm tones: musical, bell, or siren. Alarm continues to sound for 2 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute after last motion detected. The alarm receiver can be as close as an inch to the motion detector/transmitter or up to 120 feet away. Set receiver down or carry it with you. The detector plugs directly into an outlet or can use a 9V battery (sold separately). Remote alarm receiver uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately). Not for outdoor use. Alarm receiver can be as close as an inch to the motion detector/transmitter or up to 120 feet away
  • Departure Alert Door stripmounts easily to any crucial doorway or exit to alert you when any resident wearing a wristband (not included) attempts to depart. Simply hang the Departure Alert above the door and plug it in-,no set-up required! When the resident wanders too close, an audible and visual alert sounds. Only the caregiver can silence the alarm using the caregiver key or order optional Wireless Keypad. Optional Central Monitoring Unit sounds alarm station by displaying both the doorway location and the resident that set off the alarm.
  • Love Connection®Monitors enable the care giver to closely monitor individuals without having to be in the same room.remote monitor allows the caregiver to venture outside the home and work in the garden while monitoring an individual almdiagramt2.gif
  • Voice Alert 6 Wireless Annunciation System Voice Alert System-6annunciation system featuring wireless PIR sensors transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored is detected.
  • Wireless Wander Alarm ” a sensitive discrete monitor. you can detect movement of a person from a bed, chair, room or doorway with this sensitive discreet monitor.Chime can be set to sound at the monitor or send a signal to the small receiver that can be mounted or placed up to 100 feet away. The chiming unit takes one 9V transistor battery and the door switch takes a specialty battery, model A23.
  • Bed Pad with Wireless Remote Alarm 0197 Place this pad underneath your loved one in bed and set the alarm. The second they get up, an alarm will sound both at bedside and at the remote alarm location (typically located in the caregiver’s room).Signal Transmission, Receiver to Transmitter range: 100 ft.
  • PIR bed alarm for restless patients that move around in bed. Eliminates sensor pads that can get wet and have cords that get tangled. When activated, the PIR Alarm transmits an invisible beam down the entire length of the bedside. Unlike weigh triggered sensor pads or cord activated pull cord alarms, the alarm sounds when any part of the patients body moves through the infrared beam. The alarm comes with an on/off switch and can be set of either a chime or alarm sound. When activated, the PIR Alarm will sound for 30 seconds and then automatically reset itself. Magnetic mounting bracket easily attaches to metal bed frame.
  • DCT ASSOCIATES PTY LTD Bed and Chair Occupancy Monitor.uses two alarm components. A pressure mat is located in the bed where the person normally sits or lays. This pressure mat is cabled to an alarm unit. Variations to the alarm include: The use of a radio linked alarm for use in the home environment
  • Floor Mat with Wireless Remote Alarm 0196Floor Mat with Wireless Remote Alarm For patients at risk of wandering or falling, caregivers need to be alerted immediately of any attempt to get out of bed or out the door. Place this floor mat next to the bed or en route to any area that you want to monitor for unauthorized activity. When the floor mat is stepped on, the alarm will sound at both the mat and at the remote alarm location (typically in the caregiver’s room). Alarm at the floor mat can be sile
  • Fall Alarm Monitors Bed Sensor Pads, Chair Sensor Pads, Weight-Sensing Floor Mats, and Early Warning Seatbelts
  • Alarm – Motion Sensor with TelephoneMade for caregiver who needs to know of someone getting out of bed or any room. Calls telephone (after programming) with different telephone number, including caregiver, family member or neighbor. Locate telephone near bedside with motion sensor in telephone base aiming down the edge of bed or near door where motion sensor picks up body movement
  • Alarm – Bed Sensor Sheet Under Mattress SystemMade one who leaves bed during sleep time. Alerts caregiver in or near room of movement getting out of bed. Air sheet under mattress stays out of sight.
  • Alarm – Motion Sensor with Local PagerMade for one who wanders from Alzheimers or dementia. Alerts caregiver with Local Pager/reciever. Ideal for bedside or bedroom door.

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